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If meditation can elevate our base state of consciousness, the implications are global

While meditation carries a host of well-known benefits, the most significant of them all—it's ability to induce a profound shift in consciousness—remains the least-studied.


Often dismissed as a "spiritual" phenomenon, meditation can trigger a long-lasting change in personality and perception so transformative it's often described as a "second puberty".

When I began meditating, I found to my surprise that this process became active almost exactly as described, resulting in a host of unexplainable experiences which redefined my understanding of myself, the human species, and our place in the universe.

Scott's Story

Scott's Story

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Scott Hiegel, a former investment banker, describes the dramatic shift in consciousness that took place when he began meditating.

What happened to me?  How could meditation cause this?  Finding scientific answers to these questions stands to improve the lives of millions, offer hope to the hopeless, and redefine our understanding of consciousness, but until  the scientific community can recognize it as a legitimate field of study, an entire world of human experience remains invisible.

"Finding scientific answers to these questions stands to improve the lives of millions."

Super Meditate Me is an effort to jumpstart this investigation by showcasing the effects of meditation on ordinary people and collect preliminary data with which to identify biomarkers associated with this process.

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